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Hindu Books > Books By Rajaji > Ramayana

Kulapati's Preface

Ramayana The Publisher's Preface On the book "Ramayana" summarised by one of the greatest living Indians, C.Raja Gopala Chari.

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Ramayana Preface on the Great Indian Epic " Ramayana" including prefaces to the first, second ,third editions.

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The Conception

Ramayana King Dasaratha ruled the kingdom of Kosala, made fertile by the river Sarayu. Its Capital was Ayodhya. King Dasaratha ruled the kingdom from the capital city of Ayodhya.

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Sage Viswamitra

Ramayana Viswaamitra's arrival at Ayodhya was unexpected; and King Dasaratha stepped down from his throne and advanced a few paces respectfully to receive the sage.

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Ramayana The famous king of the Solar dynasty, Trisanku, was reigning, who was so much in love with the beauty of his body that he could not bear the thought of parting with it at death.

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Raama Leaves Home

Ramayana The two princes were then brought to the presence of the sage. The King, the Queen - Mothers and Vasishtha blessed them and sent them with Viswamitra.

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Raama Slays The Monsters

Ramayana The chapter is about the night on the bank of the river Sarayu. Before retiring Viswamitra initiated the princes in two secret mantras Bala and Atibala.

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Ramayana When Seeta reached the age of marriage Janaka was sad that he would have to part with her. Though he tried hard, he was for long unable to choose a prince worthy of Seeta.

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Bhageeratha And The Story Of Ganga

Ramayana Ganga followed Bhageeratha's triumphal chariot; the waters danced and shone like lightning flashes as the river made its course and the Devas and Gandharvas assembled above to withness the grand sight.

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Ramayana A shower of flowers descended from the heavens as Ahalya, cleansed of sin, shone like a goddess; simultaneously the sage Gautama returned to the aashrama.

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Raama Wins Seeta's Hand

Ramayana The King sai: "The Prince is welcome to see the bow. If he can string it, he will win the hand of my daughter. Then Rama Wins and then Janaka said to Rama take her hand in yours. Blessed and devoted.

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Parasuraama's Discomfiture

Ramayana Having thus safely handed back to Dasaratha at Mithila the princes entrusted to him in Ayodhya, and after attending the wedding celebrations, Viswaamitra took leaves of the two kings and went to Himalaya.

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Festive Preparations

Ramayana Rama and Seeta spent twelve happy years in Ayodhya. But now the Lord and his consort in human form had to experience the hardships, sorrows and conflicts of life on earth.

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Manthara's Evil Counsel

Ramayana Queen Kaikeyi had a woman companion and confidential servant. She was a hunch-back named Manthara. Being a distant relation of the Queen.

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Kaikeyi Succumbs

Ramayana The chapter about Kaikeyi, who had looked upon Raama as her own son, was enmeshed in Manthara's arguments and became helpless.

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Wife Or Demon?

Ramayana The chapter is about with this firm declaration, Kaikeyi stopped. Dasaratha stood speechless, staring at his pitiless wife. Was this lovely creation really Kaikeyi or a demon?

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Behold A Wonder!

Ramayana The Chapter about Poor Dasaratha was in extreme agony, pulled by natural affection on one side and by the moral obligtation to fulfil a pledge on the other.

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Storm And Calm

Ramayana The Chapter is about Many visitors were assembled there, eagerely awaiting the coronation. In the innermost apartment, the Queen, clad in white silk, was before the sacrificial fire invoking blessings on her son.

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Seeta's Resolve

Ramayana The Chapter is about What took place in the inner apartments of the palace was not yet known to the town-people.But Raama for his part lost no time in preparing for forest life.

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To The Forest

Ramayana The chapter about in the forest, regard Raama as your father and look upon Jaanaki as myself and the forest will be to you as Ayodhya.

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Alone By Themselves

Ramayana The citizens who had slept on the bank of the Tamasa oke up in the morning and looked round. They were surprised to see that Raama and the chariot had disappeared.

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Ramayana The chapter is about the Raama spent the night in Bharadwaaja's aashrama. Getting up in the morning, paid their respects to the Maharishi and, taking leave of him, set out for the Chitrakoota hill.

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A Mother's Grief

Ramayana Sumantra and Guha stood watching the three figures as long as they could. When they disappeared from sight, they were plunged in sorrow and went to Guha's town.

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Idle Sport And Terrible Result

Ramayana Dasaratha had been driven ruthlessly by circumstances to an action which not only broke his heart but made him hate himself and deprived him even of self-pity.

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Last Moments

Ramayana "I reached his cottage and there I saw the old couple waiting for the return of their son. They sat there like two birds with broken wings shrivelled in body and unable to move."

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Bharata Arrives

Ramayana Raama and Lakshmana had gone to the forest and Bharata and Satrughna were far away in their uncle's place. It was decided to send for Bharata and to keep the body immersed in oil till his arrival.

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Intrigue wasted

Ramayana Now Bharata understood everything and realised the enormity of the harm wrought by his mother.

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Bharata Suspected

Ramayana Gazing across the river Ganga, Guha, the hunter-king, noticed unusual commotion on the bank opposite.

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The Brothers Meet

Ramayana The gradeur of the mountain scenery and the forest and the sweet songs and play of the birds pleased his heart.

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Bharata Becomes Raama's Deputy

Ramayana The Chapted is about the four princes and the three queens were re-united and could be seen together in one place.

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Viradha's End

Ramayana The chapter is Nor far from Chitrakoota was an outpost of the Raakshasas, called Janasthaana.

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Ten Years Pass

Ramayana Now begins the Aaranya Kaanda. The poet begins with an episode that prepares us for the misfortunes of Seeta.

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The Soorpanakha Episode

Ramayana On the way they met a huge figure perched on a big tree. They took it to be Raakshasa.

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Kamban's Soorpanakha

Ramayana Rama and Lakshmana drove out Soorpanakha, as one takes a stick and drives out a donkey straying into a garden.

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Khara And His Army Liquidated

Ramayana Accompanied by the fourteen generals of Khara, Soorpanakha came back to Raama's aashrama.

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The Path Of Ruin

Ramayana Akampana, one of the few Raakshasas who survived the great slaughter at Panchavati.

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The Golden Stag

Ramayana Maareecha told Raavana, "I have listened, my king, to all that you have said and I am filled with boundless sorrow.

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The Good Bird Jataayu

Ramayana "Alas, alas! Ah Seeta! Ah Lakshmana!" So cried Maareecha simulating Raama's voice.

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Closely Guarded

Ramayana Seeta opened her eyes red with anger and grief, and facing Raavana cried: "Base fellow! You boasted of your fame and your great origin and your warlike qualities.

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Raama Disconsolate

Ramayana Raama now realised how the Raakshasa had beguiled them and how he had been drawn away a long distance by the crafty Maareecha.

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A Second Father Dies

Ramayana The two brothers searched every mountain, forest and river-bank calling Seeta's name aloud.

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Left Eyelids Throb

Ramayana In face of the unexpected difficulties that overtook them one after another, Raama and Lakshmana often lost heart.

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He Sees Her Jewels

Ramayana Then Sugreeva heard the story of the calamity that had befallen the Raghu princes at Panchavati and how Raama's heart was breaking with the ache of separation from Seeta.

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Sugreeva's Doubts Cleared

Ramayana Sugreeva was keen on regaining his kingdom and family, but he could not see how this was to be.

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The Slaying Of Vaali

Ramayana Vaali who was then resting happily was startled and for a moment paled with puzzled concern.

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Taara's Grief

Ramayana There was panic in Kishkindha when the news came that Vaali had been slain by an archer, and the Vaanaras fled hither and thither in hopeless confustion.

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Anger And Reconciliation

Ramayana The rainy season began. Sugreeva and his comanions spent the time in Kishkindha in enjoyment but Raama and Lakshmana spent the weary days waiting in a cave nearby.

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The Search Begins

Ramayana "Look, Raama at this Vaanara army," said Sugreeva. "All these myrids, of wondrous strength, are yours to command.

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Son Of Vaayu

Ramayana From Sampaati the Vaanaras learnt the place where Seeta was kept a prisoner in the land of the Raakshasa, a hundred yojanas across the ocean.

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The Search In Lanka

Ramayana Full of hope, Hanuman alighted and set foot in Lanka. But soon the flush of triumph at the accomplishment of the journey gave plae to sober thinking.

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Seeta In The Asoka Park

Ramayana As Hanuman stood on the high wall, he did not know why, a thrill of joy passed through his frame.

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Raavana's Solicitation

Ramayana To Seeta, plunged in a sea of sorrow and clinging to dharma and to the thought of her lord, Raavana spoke these words.

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First Among The Astute

Ramayana The boldest and most strong-minded woman may, if kept in captivity for a long period, lose heart and become depressed.

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Seeta Comforted

Ramayana Hidden by the branches, Hanumaan sang in a sweet and gentle voice the story of Raama so that it fell on Seeta's ears:

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Seeta And Hanumaan

Ramayana "Dear, dear Vaanara friend," said Seeta, "I do not know whether to rejoice or grieve at the news you have brought.

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Inviting Battle

Ramayana After taking leave of Seeta, Hanumaan sat for a while on the too of the garden wall and began to think:

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The Terrible Envoy

Ramayana The Raakshasa warriors saw with amazement a mighty Vaanara seated on the garden gate, who at their approach grew to still bigger size and formidable menace.

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Hanumaan Bound

Ramayana Vaalmeeki describes in beautiful verses how the youthful warrior Aksha, the equeal of the gods, rode to battle in a chariot drawn by eight horses.

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Lanka In Flames

Ramayana His captors took him to the court of Raavana and placed him in front of the King.

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A Carnival

Ramayana Hanuman tendered mental salutations to Seeta and began his story.

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The Tidings Conveyed

Ramayana Sugreeva's conjecture was like nectar to Raaama's ears. They eagerly awaited the arrival of the Vaanaras.

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The Army Moves Forward

Ramayana Raama heard Hanuman with heart and eyes overflowing and, when he had come to the end of his narrative, said:

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Anxiety In Lanka

Ramayana Now let us leave Raama and his host here and go back to Raavana.

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Raavana Calls A Council Again

Ramayana As soon as day dawned, Vibheeshana went to the king. He had thought deeply over the matter and had come to a decision.

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Ramayana Kumbhakarna, the younger brother of Raavana, spoke in the assembly: "Great King! Ignoring the princciples off state-craft, you have run into a great danger.

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The Vaanara's Doubt

Ramayana Having committed a sin and run into danger, Raavana did not see how to extricate himself. Like other kings in a quandary, he called a council for consultation.

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The Doctrine Of Surrender And Grace

Ramayana In response to Raama's invitation, Hanumaan expressed his opinion in clear, sweet and pregnant words:

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The Great Causeway

Ramayana "Raavana, the king of Lanka, has sent me becuase of his affection and regard for you. He sends you his fraternal greetings.

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The Battle Begins

Ramayana The Vaanara army descended from mount Suvela and entered the forest adjoining the city of Lanka.

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Seeta's Joy

Ramayana Suka, the Raakshasa scout, went and reported to Raavana: "I did my job according to your instructions.

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Serpent Darts

Ramayana Raavana was duly informed that Raama's Vaanara host surrounded Lanka like a tumultuous sea.

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Raavana's Defeat

Ramayana Raavana from within his palace was surprised to hear, borne on the wind, the jubilant acclamations of the Vaanaras.

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The Giant Is Roused

Ramayana When Raavana returned humbled and defected, the gods rejoiced foreseeing the speedy end of their troubles.

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Is This Naaraayana Himself ?

Ramayana Rallied by Angada, the Vaanaras recovered courage, re-formed in battle order and prepared to receive Kumbhakarna.

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The Death Of Indrajit

Ramayana Indrajit comforted his father."Why should you worry when I am here alive?" he said and gathered an army, and with it made another sortie.

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End Of Raavana

Ramayana There was wailing in every house in Lanka. In Raavana's breast grief, shame and anger seethed like a raging sea.

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The End

Ramayana Vibheeshana was crowned King of Lanka in a magnificent ceremony. The new Lord of Lanka came out to the Vaanara camp and bowed low before Raama.

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Ramayana On one occasion Gandhiji and I were talking about a girl very dear to both of us.

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Ramayana The Glossary Of the Book " Ramayana".

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Author - C. RajaGopalachari

Ramayana Introduction to the Author of the Book "C. Rajagopalachari".

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