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Culture Course Volume - IV

Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course Volume - IV


Preface of the Culture Course Volume - IV Book.

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some important prayers of Gods and Godesses.

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The Golden Deer

Rams, Sita and Lakshmana lived in the Dandaka forest. One day a beautiful deer with golden sking came that wat and started grazing near their ashrama.

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The Pandavas and Durvasa

The pandavas lived for fourteen years in the forest. They had been driven out of the country by the Kauravas.

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Mrikandu was great rishi. Marudvati was his wife. ?For a long time they had no children.The rishi prayed to god Siva.

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Kardama was the son of god brahma.He married Devahuti. They had nine daughters. Arundhati was the eighth among them.

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Sukanya was king Saryati's daughter. She was not only beautiful, but clever and happy-go-lucky. she was the King's favourited child.

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For a long time King Aswapati of madra had not children. He worshipped Goddess Savitri with great divotion. By the blessings of that goddess Savitri.

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There is a country in Europe called Greece. it is far away from bharat. Athens is its capital. long, long ago, there lived in that city a man called Socrates.

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China is a great country. it lies to the east of Bharat. many great and learned men have lived there. For most among these was Confucius.

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Chandra varma was a learned Brahmin. The king of Kanyapuri gave him his daughter in marriage. When the king became old, he mad Chandra varma king in his place.

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Have you ever been to Allahabad? It is a famous city in the north of India. A mile and a half from Allahabad is the holy Kshetra called Prayag.

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There is a village called Triyambak near nasik. Not far from that village there is a hill. Not far from that village there is a hill. Rishi Gatama lived on that hill.

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Coorg is a small district in karnataka State. It gets plenty of raingall. It is rich forest. There is small hill called Brahmagiri in Coorg.

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Like the seven holy rivers, there are also the seven sacred cities of India. They are ayodhya, mathura, Haridwar, Kasi, Kanchi, ujjain and Dwaraka. You have read about some of them.

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Daksha was God Brahma's son. He had many son and daughters. He gav twenty - seven daughters to the Moon - God in marriage.

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The Kumbh Mela

Long before the world was born, there was a sea full of milk. it was called Kshira Sagara. That sea contained amirta. by drinkin amrita one remianed always young.

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You have read about Gautama, the Buddha. The followers of the Buddh are known as the Buddhists.

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Mauna Ekadasi

Long ago, there lived a merchant named Sur. he was a Jain. His guru said to him one day: "Sur, you must do Mauna-vrata for one day on the 11 th day of the bright half of Marghasira every year".

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The Pious Cat

There was an old tree in a forest which had a hole in its trunk. In that hole lived a sparrow. everyday, the sparrow went out in the morning to eatthe grain from the field around and returned to the tree in the evening.

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The Snake and The Farmer

There was once a farmer. He had a mall piece of land. He grew paddy on it. There came a year when no rain fel and the crops failed. The farmer did not know what to do,He was desperate.

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The Hare and The Elephant

Once there was an elephant king, who lived in a forest. There was no rain for long time in the forest and so the water in all the pools dreid up.

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You have all heard of shivaji the Great. he lived three hundred years ago in Maharashtra. he was born in Shivner in sahydri hills.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (16568 reads)

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