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Culture Course Volume - V

Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course Volume - V


Preface of the Culture Course Volume - V Book.

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Some of the important prayers about Lord Sri Krishna.

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Brave Jatayu

Rama, Lakshmana and Sita were living in a forest. One day, the two princes were away from the ashrama. Sita was alone.

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The Pandavas had made their home in a forest. One day Rishi Vysa came to them.

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God Krishna had in his student days a classmate, who was very poor. His name was Sudama.

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Emperor Shibi

Long, long ago there was a great emperor in our country. His name was Shibi. But before doing so, they wanted to bless Shibi.

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You might have seen Fire Temples in a city like Bombay The people who worship in these temples are Parsis. They wear a tall black cap and white Kurta or tunic.

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Guru Nanak

Five hundred years ago therewas lived in Talwandi village in Punjab, a man who was an accountant by proffession. His name was Kalu chand.

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Prophet Mohammad

Long ago there lived a man in Arabia called Abdulla. His wife was Amina. To them was biorn a son whom they named mohammed.

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On the banks of the godavarii n Maharashtra is a village called Apegaon. A saintly person called Vithalpant lived in that village longa ago.

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In the village of Athanur in the chola country, there lived a pious man called Nanda. he belonged to the tiller class. We call them Harijans today.

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About 700 years ago tailor by name Damasheti lived in Pandharpur. Gonai was his wife. Namadeva or Namdeo, as he is popularly called, born to them as their son.

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Narsi Mehta

In Gujarat there is town caleed Junagadh. In that town lived Narsi mehta five hundred years ago. He was a great devotee of god Krishna.

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When you travel from Bombay to Delhi, you see near Bhopal the great stupa at Sanchi. It has the shape of big hemisphere.

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Ajanta Caves

Our country is famous for its sculptures and paintings. manyof them are found on the pillars and walls of our temples.Some others are seen on the walls of caves.

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Ellora Caves

The Ellra caves too are near Aurangabad. They number 31.The Ajanta caves contain scenes fromt the life of the Buddha.

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When Jesus christ was thirty years old, he became a famous preacher. he spoke of God to people in his native land around the Lake of Galilee, in Palestine.

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Some of you may have seen the Muslims in your locality praying together in maidan on a particular day. This would be on Muslim festival day, called Ramzan-Id.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (15327 reads)

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