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Vikram And The Vampire

Hindu Books > Stories > Vikram And The Vampire


The Baital-Pachisi, or Twenty-five Tales of a Baital is the history of a huge Bat, Vampire, or Evil Spirit which inhabited and animated dead bodies.

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Preface To The First (1870) Edition

"THE genius of Eastern nations," says an established and respectable authority, "was, from the earliest times, much turned towards invention and the love of fiction.

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The sage Bhavabhuti--Eastern teller of these tales--after making his initiatory and propitiatory conge to Ganesha, Lord of Incepts, informs the reader that this book is a string of fine pearls to be hung round the neck of human intelligence ....

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The Vampire's First Story : In which a man deceives a woman

In Benares once reigned a mighty prince, by name Pratapamukut, to whose eighth son Vajramukut happened the strangest adventure.

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The Vampire's Second Story : Of the Relative Villany of Men and Women

In the great city of Bhogavati dwelt, once upon a time, a young prince, concerning whom I may say that he strikingly resembled this amiable son of your majesty.

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The Vampire's Third Story : Of a High-minded Family

In the venerable city of Bardwan, O warrior king! (quoth the Vampire) during the reign of the mighty Rupsen, flourished one Rajeshwar, a Rajput warrior of distinguished fame.

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The Vampire's Fourth Story : Of A Woman Who Told The Truth

"Listen, great king!" again began the Baital. An unimportant Baniya (trader), Hiranyadatt, had a daughter, whose name was Madansena Sundari, the beautiful army of Cupid.

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The Vampire's Fifth Story : Of the Thief Who Laughed and Wept

Your majesty (quoth the demon, with unusual politeness), there is a country called Malaya, on the western coast of the land of Bharat ....

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The Vampire's Sixth Story : In Which Three Men Dispute about a Woman

On the lovely banks of Jumna's stream there was a city known as Dharmasthal--the Place of Duty; and therein dwelt a certain Brahman called Keshav.

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The Vampire's Seventh Story : Showing the Exceeding Folly of Many Wise Fools

The Baital resumed. Of all the learned Brahmans in the learnedest university of Gaur (Bengal) none was so celebrated as Vishnu Swami.

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The Vampire's Eighth Story : Of the Use and Misuse of Magic Pills

The lady Chandraprabha, daughter of the Raja Subichar, was a particularly beautiful girl, and marriage-able withal.

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The Vampire's Ninth Story : Showing That a Man's Wife Belongs Not to His Body but to His Head

Far and wide through the lovely land overrun by the Arya from the Western Highlands spread the fame of Unmadini, the beautiful daughter of Haridas the Brahman.

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The Vampire's Tenth Story : Of the Marvellous Delicacy of Three Queens

The Baital said, O king, in the Gaur country, Vardhman by name, there is a city, and one called Gunshekhar was the Raja of that land.

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The Vampire's Eleventh Story : Which Puzzles Raja Vikram

There is a queer time coming, O Raja Vikram!--a queer time coming (said the Vampire), a queer time coming.

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At Raja Vikram's silence the Baital was greatly surprised, and he praised the royal courage and resolution to the skies. Still he did not give up the contest at once.

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[1] Metamorphoseon, seu de Asino Aureo, libri Xl. The well known and beautiful episode is in the fourth. the fifth, and the sixth books.

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Published on: 2003-07-23 (6563 reads)

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