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Culture Course Volume - IX

Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course Volume - IX


Preface Of the Culture Course Volume - IX Book.

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Some important prayers from vedas about God.

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Yajnavalkya and Matreyi

You have read in an earlier book the story of rishi Yajnavalkya.As you know, the rishi had two wives: Maitreyi and Katyyani.

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Hymn to the Earth

The Atharva Veda, as you have read, is the last of the four Vedas in point of time. the Veda is so called because it was revealed to the descendants of Rishis Atharvan.

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How The Ramayana Was born

One fine morning the clestial bard Narada came to rishi Valmiki's ashrama. Valmiki welcmed him, washed his feet respectfully and offered him fruits and milk.

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Jada Bharata

Long Back a saintly king by name Rishabha Deva ruled over this earth.He had a hundred sons. Of themBharata wa the eldest.

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Abhimanyu was Arjuna's son and Parikshit was Abhi manyu's son. so Parikshit was Arjuna's grandson. The word Parikshit means one who looks around or examines.

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Highest Virtues

Rishi Veda Vyasa wrote the eighteen puranas. Even after writing them, he was not satisfied. he felt that his life's mission was incompalete.

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The Gupta Age

The fourth and fifth and the first half of the sixth century form a great landmark in the history of India. They are known as the Classical or the golden Age of India.

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The Rule OF Akbar in the sixteenth century was a land mark ina the history of India. Among the Mughal emperors who ruled India he was the most outstanding for his many qualities of head and heart.

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Sudarar was famous Saivite saint who lived in the eight century. he was born of brahmin parent in Tamilnadu. Sadayanar was his father's name and Isai-gnaniar that of his mother.

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Have you heard the songs of Mira sung in bhjans? They are beautiful and moving. Mira was one of the greatest poet-saints of India. She had seen god face to face.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (16604 reads)

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