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Aspects Of Our Religion

Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Aspects of Our Religion

Kulapati's Preface

Publisher's Preface on the Book " Aspects of Our Religion"

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Shri Chadra Sekharendra Saraswati

Introduction to the author of the book Sri Chadrasekharendra Saraswati.

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Our Religion

There are many religions in the world today. Each has a name of its own. These names are personal and indicate the founders of the respective faiths.

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Ours - A Universal Religion

We said that the Vedic religion was the earliest region of mankind. All other religions arose only after it. There are evidences to conclude that it was prevalent all over the globe.

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"AGE" Of The Vedas

It is customary to speak of the 'Age' of the Vedas. The sacred books-of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have dates assigned to them by the votaries of the respective religions.

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Contents of The Vedas

The Vedas represent what should be known and acted upon to enable a man to attain liberation.

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The Spiritual Path

The entire course of a Hindu's spiritual life has been succinctly stated in the Pentad of Instruction known as the Upadesa Panchaka of Sri Sankara.

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The Gita Way

The Lord instructs Arjuna in different ways and concludes: 'therefore fight, Oh! Bharata. 'Fight for this reason; and for this reason.'

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The Strength of Our Religion

Our religion is usually criticized and ridiculed for its so-called polytheism. 'What a host of gods and goddesses you worship! is a gibe flung at us.

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Some Of Our Religious Institutions

We shall consider some institutions with which our religion is closely connected. One is the caste system and the other is temple worship.

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Moorti Pooja Or Image Worship

Every object in the world, animate or inanimate is a manifestation of the One God. If one realizes this truth one will do nothing evil.

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The Currency Of Dharma

Imagine a hill which divides two kingdoms each having a different system of currency, the coins and notes of either of which is not legal tender in the other.

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Secret Of Happiness

Nara and Naaraayana were doing penance. Narayana is God Himself. Nara is a part of the divine nature.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (4924 reads)

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