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Essence Of Hinduism

Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Essence Of Hinduism

Kulapati's Preface

Publisher's Preface on the book " Essence Of Hinduism"

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Prof. D. S. Sarma

Born in 1883, Prof.D.S.Sarma, scholar and educationist, had his education in the Madras Christianity College, from which he graduated in 1904.

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It is our intention to publish the books we select, not only in English, but also in the Indian languages also like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Malayalam.

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Religion is the highest need of human nature. Just as our bodies require food for their sustenance and our minds require knowledge for their expansion.

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Hindu Scriptures

The authoritative sources of Hinduism are divided into two classes: -(1) the Sruti and (2) the Smrti. The Sruti is the primary authority and the Smrti is the secondary authority.

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Hindu Rituals and Myths

If religion should be compared to the human body, its ritual- ism would be the legs, its morality the hands, its worship the heart and its philosophy the head.

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Hindu Ethics

Both rituals and morals are comprised in the word karma. The former may be called the lower karma and the latter the higher karma.

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Hindu Theism

As every one knows, religion is not a matter of mere rituals. Nor is it a matter of mere ethics. But it also teaches us that in morality there is no completeness.

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Hindu Philosophy

Hindu philosophy is not mere speculation or guesswork, but organized doctrine based on mystic experience. There are several schools of philosophy - all based on Sruti.

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In the foregoing pages a very brief account has been given of the essentials of a religion which, though it is the oldest in the world, is as vigorous today as any other religion.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (4781 reads)

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