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Vedantic Tales

Hindu Books > Stories > Vedantic Tales

About Author

By Sister Gargi

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The Discipleship of Hari : The Lion

The mother ewe who had nursed Hari and had seen him through his early years had forgotten that he was not her own but was in actual fact the son of a lioness.

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The Discipleship of Nag: The Cobra

Sri Nag lived with his wife, Uma, and their three children near a village in Bengal. The family were prosperous, for Sri Nag was an excellent provider.

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The Discipleship of Ajay: The Osprey

Even as a fledgling, while his brothers and sisters were still flopping about in an ungainly and ludicrous fashion, Ajay was discovering the delights of soaring.

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The Blue Pellet

Mother, Madhav cried, bursting into the room, I am going to renounce the world! Barely were the words out of his mouth than he regretted their abruptness.

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The Wayfarer

In India long ago there lived a man who made his living by theft and murder and who saw no wrong therein. Or if in the bottom of his soul he saw wrong.

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I Carry

Sometimes the flat rice fields that surrounded the small village in the heart of India were flooded so that the palm trees along their embankments were reflected in the tranquil waters.

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Published on: 2003-02-07 (9681 reads)

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