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A Fruitful Life

Hindu Books > Organizations > A Fruitful Life By Organiser

Balasaheb - An Organiser Par Excellence - Prof. Rajendra Singh

With the passing away of Balasaheb an era comes to an end. Poojya Balasaheb formed the fast surviving nucleus in the string of workers who had the privilege of personal contact with the founder of the Sangh. Balasaheb's entire life was informed by the fierce patriotic fervour that poured out of Doctorji's heart.

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Ma. Balasaheb Deoras' Shining Legacy - H. V. Seshadri

The name and person Ma. Balasaheb Deoras brings up the picture of the consistent march of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh covering three generations : partly of the times of Ma. Doctorji, of Ma. Guruji and the present one.

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Friend Philosopher Guide - K. S. Sudarshan

It was in the early eighties that Shri Bhaskar Rao Kalambi, the then Pranta Pracharak of Kerala, who had been instrumental in making the RSS, a formidable force in that province, got an heart-attack and had to undergo a bypass surgery in Bombay.

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All Hindus Are Brothers - Seshadri

It is wellknown that the RSS has, since its very inception, pledged itself to reorganise the Hindu society on a harmonious and integrated basis. This is precisely what the RSS means by Hindu sangathan. In other words, sangathan implies social harmony and unity amidst diversify.

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Sangh Was His Life Mission - Shrikant Joshi

It was in 1987 that I was first told about my new assignment-working as personal assistant to Shri Balasaheb Deoras. It was a totally new job for me. All along I had been travelling in the tribal areas in the north-east, running about, holding meetings and setting up rendezous with leaders of various warring factions among political and non-political groups in Assam.

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"A Woman Must Become Self-Reliant" - Ushatai Chati

On June 17 the spark of P.P. Balasaheb's life merged into the elements. We have lost a formidable supporter. During our work at the Samiti whenever some problems would arrive we used to approach Balasaheb to discuss the matter with him. That used to solve our problems.

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Mission Fulfilled - Seshadri Chari

With the passing away of Shri Balasaheb Deoras, the third Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh one more link that connected the present mammoth organisation with the founder of this unique institution Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar has snapped.

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The Third Sarsanghchalak Was Firm Yet Pragmatic - B. N. Varadpande

Balasaheb Doeras is no more. Rightly described by Shri Guruji as a mini image of the late founder of the RSS, the dynamic personality is now part of history. Balasaheb ably guided the gigantic institution that is the Sangh from June 1973 to March 1994, an eventful innings of 21 years.

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Worthy Successor To Doctorji And Guruji - Vasantrao Oak

The first Sangh shakha was founded in 1925 at Mohitewada in Nagpur, where Dr Hedgewar Bhavan, the RSS headquarter, is now situated. Mohitewada was then a prime centre of old Nagpur city. Dr Hedgewar's residence was about half a mile away on the other side ....

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The Pater - Familias - Shivrai Telang

The above happen to be the 1.5 inch banner headlines in the daily Loksatta of Mumbai during November 1948.

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Let Me Join The Chorus - N. B. Lele

Shri Madhukar Dattatreya, alias Balasaheb Deoras, will be remembered for ever as an epitome of patience and perseverance. He had imbibed these outstanding qualities from Dr K.B. Hedgewar, the founder of the RSS.

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The First Choice - R. C. Batura

It was late night of June 5, 1973. I was with the daily Motherland published from New Delhi. A telephonic message from Bombay (there was no direct telelink between Nagpur and Delhi then) brought the sad news of the passing away of Shri Guruji, the second Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

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Balasaheb Blesses Betus

Upanayan samskara (sacred thread ceremony) of the 29 girls accommodated in the hostel at Devi Ahalya Mandir, Nagpur, was a simple but significant function. The section of the press who came in time could watch this novel function and gave it wide coverage.

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The Visionary - M. K. (Baburao) Chowthaiwale

Late Babu Rao Chowthaiwale was looking after the correspondence of Poojaneeya Shri Guruji and Shri Balasaheb Deoras. In his book, Balasaheb as I saw him, in Hindi, he throws some light on the brilliant personality of Shri Balasaheb Deoras, excerpts from the book.

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