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Discourses on Bhagwad Gita

Hindu Books > Hindu Scriptures > Bhagwad Gita > Discourses On Bhagwad Gita

About Author : Acharya Vinoba Bhave

Vinayak Narahari Bhave, commonly known as Vinoba, was born at Ganoda in Maharasthtra, on11 September, 1895.

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Introduction : The Yoga Of Despondency

Dear Brothers, From today, I shall speak to you about Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The bond between the Gita and me transcends reason.

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The Teaching in Brief : Self-knowledge And Equanimity

Brothers, in the last Chapter we saw Arjuna's "yoga of despondency." When it is accompanied by innocence - honesty and simplicity.

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The Yoga Of Action

Brothers, in the Second Chapter, we glanced over the whole of the philosophy of life. Now, in the Third Chapter, we shall explain this philosophy more clearly.

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Vikarma - The Key To Karma-Yoga

In the last Chapter we discussed yoga of the desireless action. If we give up our svadharma (one's own dharma) and take over another's dharma, it is quite impossible to attain the goal of desirelessness.

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The Two Aspects Of Akarma - Yoga And Sannyasa

The world's ways are terrible. Samsara, life in the world has been compared to an ocean. In the ocean, wherever you look, you see nothing but water; samsara too, is like that.

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Controlling The Mind

In the Fifth Chapter, we were able to see, through imagination and inquiry, how high a man can soar. Karma, vikarma and akarma, together complete the sadhana, the path.

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Prapatti Or Surrender To God

Brothers, when Arjuna faced the problem of maintaining his svadharma, his mind was perplexed by the illusion of "mine" and "not mine," and he began to seek ways to escape his svadharma.

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Achieving The Goal - The Yoga Of Constancy

Human life is full of the play of samskaras - tendencies developed by repeated actions. Innumerable actions are going on through us all the time.

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The Kingly Art Of Service To Humanity - The Yoga of Dedication

These talks of mine are not meant to each others. No doubt, those who want to profit from them may surely do so.

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Contemplation Of The Divine Glory

Friends, we have completed the first half of the Gita. Before we proceed to the second, it is good to look back.

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The Vision Of The Cosmic Form

Brothers, we learned last week how to recognize the Supreme who pervades the countless object of the Universe, and how to make this vast spectacle our own.

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Bhakti : Saguna And Nirguna

The waters of the Ganga are everywhere holy and cleansing, but at Haridwar, Kashi and Prayag, they have special purity. They have made the whole world holy.

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The Self And The Non - Self

Vyaasadev has poured into the Bhagavad Gita the essence of his life. He has written many other long works.

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The Gunas - Building Up And Breaking Down

Brothers, this Fourteenth Chapter is one sense completes the Thirteenth. As a matter of fact, the Self has no need to do anything.

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The Yoga Of Completeness - Seeing The Lord Everywhere

In one sense we have reached the other shore of the Gita to-day. In the Fifteenth Chapter all the ideas of the Gita find their fulfillment.

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A Supplement - The Conflict Between Divine And Demonic Tendencies

In the first five Chapters of the Gita, we saw the whole scheme of life and the means of achieving life's purposes.

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Another Supplement : Programme For The Seeker

Dear brothers, we are slowly approaching the end of our study. In the Fifteenth Chapter, we saw the complete science of life.

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Conclusion - The Fulfillment Of The Renunciation of fruit

My brothers, now by the grace of the Lord, we have reached the Eighteenth Chapter.

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Published on: 2003-02-07 (4357 reads)

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