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Temples & Legends of Andhra Pradesh
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Author - Shri. N . Ramesan On Temples


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Mangalagiri Vijayawada
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Kotipalli Annavaram
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Yadagiri Vemulavada
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The greatness of Sri Rama's life is that it is an intensely human story, where the Lord had assumed the human form, and shown us the correct path of rectitude which we should adopt in the day to day conduct of our lives.

Apart from its sacred appeal, Sri Rama as a human being has an unique appeal, in which his character as an ordinary mortal with an uncompromising adherence to the correct code of conduct at the cost of anything that may happen to him, serves as a beacon light of guidance for us.

The  reactions of Sri Rama to any set of circumstances, whether they be prosper- ous or adverse, are themselves a guide of conduct for ourselves in our human inter- relations.

The character of Sri Rama progresses stage by stage as the story of Sri Rama unveils itself.

The brotherly affection of Lakshmana to Rama, the fidelity of Sita to Rama, and the adherence to his father's word of honor by Rama, even at the cost of his own king- dom, and his adherence to the great Dharma of a true warrior in war fare, where he would not kill his enemy Ravana when he was dis-armed, but asked him to go and come the next day fully prepared and armed, his adherence to the demands of social customs so that even Sita herself had to demonstrate her fidelity by such a terrific ordeal like the fire ordeal etc., all show a humanness of approach to the problem of life, and steadfast adhe- rence to the rules of ethics, that they move us even to this day by their essentially human appeal.

In addition to all these, Sri Ramachandra, with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman has been the theme of innumerable poets and has been the object of veneration and devotion of thousands of devotees.

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Temples and Legends of Andhra Pradesh
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