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Temples & Legends of Assam
Index Of Assam Kulapati's Preface
Preface Author's Introduction
Introduction Kamakhya
Asvakranta Vasisthasrama
Umananda Ugra Tara
Sukresvara  The Navagraha
Hajo Dah Parbatiya
Sib Sagar Tamresvari
Sri Surya Ruins The Hatimura Temple
The Satras-I The Satras-II
The Satras-III The Barpeta Satra
Majuli Satra Glossary
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




I am indebted to Mr.M.S. Prabhakar, M.A., and Mr.G.Rajaram Rao., M.A.Lecturers in English, Gauhati University, for correcting the typescript; to MR.Divaya KishoreSingh, M.Sc., Lecturer in Geography, Gauhati University for writing the map of Assam showing the sacred religious centres; and to Mr.S.Shankara Jois, M.Sc. Lecturer in Physics, Gauhati University, for helping me in typing the manuscript.

My thanks are due to the Director General of Archaeology to the Government of India and to Sri Ganga Prasad Sarma of the Gauhati University Library, who have kindly lent me a few photographs of monuments and permission for the reproduction.

We are thankful to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the sponsors of this scheme, for providing us an opportunity to study this problem and to the publishers and authors of works quoted in this book.

We have tried our best to present the account in its true perspective and for any shortcomings we crave the indulgence of the reading public.

H.V.Sreenivasa Murthy.

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Temples & Legends Of Assam
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