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Temples & Legends of Bengal
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Temples  & Legends Of India
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The confluence in those days used to be full of sharks and alligators that would immediately devour the innocent babies thrown into the sea. It is said that in 1801 about 23 persons had immolated themselves in one month but next year this practice was suppressed by statutory law by the Marquees of Wellesly.  Large propaganda had to be done before this step was taken.  The services of many Pundits had to be requisitioned to publicize throughout Bengal that this practice of throwing away the first born child to the great sea in the hope that she would secure a number of progeny was simply inhuman.

The Ganga Sagar islands have an interesting history. "In 1811, Mr. Beaumont applied for permission to hold a hundred acres of land in the island for the purpose of establishing a manufactory of buff leather, and asked that all tiger-skins brought to the Collector's office might be made over to him for this purpose.  His application for land was granted by the Board of Revenue in November 1811; and in the following year, in consequence of a Government resolution offering favorable terms for the cultivation of Sagar Island, Mr. Beaumont applied for a grant of land on a cultivating tenure. 

This application was rejected on the ground that Government had decided not to grant leases to Europeans forcultivation. Leases of the island were offered to Indians only, and many proposals were received from them, but this scheme of colonization was a complete failure.  The island was subsequently leased to an
association composed of Europeans as well as Indians, free of rent, for thirty years, and to pay only four annas per
bigha ever after. 

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Temples & Legends Of Bengal.
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