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Temples & Legends Of Bihar
Index Of Bihar Kulapati's Preface
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Phulher Ma Paudi
Benusagar Mandar Hill
Sultanganj Konch
Mundesvari Parasnath
Vaisali Nalanda
Patan Devi Aranya Devi
Shahabad Sonepur
Uchaitha Kurkihar
Masarh Maheshi
Jagarnathpur Harmandir
Deoghar Singheshwarsthan
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Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The name Arrah is derived from the temple of Aranya Devi, which is located in the Chowk area. It is two miles Irom the railway station and about half a mile from the court buildings. Rickshaws, horse-drawn ekkas and carriages are available at Arrah railway station. Passenger buses, from Patna to Varanasi run through Arrah.

The following are the legends of this temple: -

Once Lord Krishna disguised as a hermit and Arjun as a lion went to King Mordhwaj at Arrah, who was renowned for his generosity. The hermit demanded human flesh for his lion saying that the lion did not eat animal flesh. The hermit (Lord Krishna) asked for the flesh of the king’s son. The king was puzzled and asked for the consent of his wife. His wife agreed. The hermit asked them to dissect the body of the boy with an arra (saw). This was done jointly by the king and the queen. The hermit demanded that they cook the flesh. The king and the queen obeyed him at once.

Now they were asked to eat the cooked flesh together with the hermit and the lion. This was also obeyed. The hermit asked the king to call the boy and partake of the meal. The kind said that the boy was killed and cooked. The hermit said, ‘No call the boy". The king called out the name of the boy. To their sheer amazement and joy, the boy appeared before them in a playful manner. Then Lord Krishna and Arjun gave their real identity and threw away the arra (saw) which was used in dissecting the body of the boy. The temple is said to have been erected by King Mordhwaj at the place where the saw fell.

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 Temples & Legends Of Bihar
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