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Temples & Legends Of Bihar
Index Of Bihar Kulapati's Preface
Preface Author
Phulher Ma Paudi
Benusagar Mandar Hill
Sultanganj Konch
Mundesvari Parasnath
Vaisali Nalanda
Patan Devi Aranya Devi
Shahabad Sonepur
Uchaitha Kurkihar
Masarh Maheshi
Jagarnathpur Harmandir
Deoghar Singheshwarsthan
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The third legend regarding the temple is as follows: -

Like Harischandra, King Mordhwaj was also a great benefactor and charitable - minded. He was a very kind-hearted man -noble, gentle, loving, faithful, honest and simple. His name and fame spread all over India.

The fort of King Mordhwaj was a very big and spacious one covering the present Chowdhariana Mohalla, Jain school area and Devi Asthan sector.

But in spite of so much prosperity and gaiety, the king and the queen were not, happy at all because they had no son. And so with intense devotion they began praying to the goddess Durga to bless them with a soil. Finally the divine blessing did dawn upon them. The goddess appeared before the king in his dream and gave her blessing, and nine months after a son was born.

The royal boy was a prodigy and provided all the earthly pleasures to his parents. And so the years rolled away.

One night King Mordhwaj saw in his dream goddess Durga asking him to sacrifice his son before her altar. In the dream the divine mandate was that the imperial boy should be made to stand before the altar and the king and the queen, standing on either side of him, were to ply the saw from the boy's head downwards till his body was cut into two halves, with the blood falling before the altar and with no tears trickling down their eyes.

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 Temples & Legends Of Bihar
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