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Temples & Legends Of Bihar
Index Of Bihar Kulapati's Preface
Preface Author
Phulher Ma Paudi
Benusagar Mandar Hill
Sultanganj Konch
Mundesvari Parasnath
Vaisali Nalanda
Patan Devi Aranya Devi
Shahabad Sonepur
Uchaitha Kurkihar
Masarh Maheshi
Jagarnathpur Harmandir
Deoghar Singheshwarsthan
Major Sections
Temples & Legends  Of India
Himachal Pradesh




Hiuen Tsang describes the hill as lofty and scrapped, with three-fold peaks that spring into the air. After receiving Buddha's instruction for twenty years, Kasyapa ascended the Kukkuta-Pada mountain on the north side, and walked along towards the south-west, where he was stopped by a scrapped face. He struck the rock with his staff and left it in two and then marched boldly into the heart of the mountain. On reaching the middle peak he took up Buddha's chivara (dress).

The three peaks approached and retired (or closed and opened) according to his mere wish. When Maitreya visited this mountain, Kasyapa presented him with the chivara of Buddha, and after performing some miracles entered into nirvana. All this legend IS now fading out so far as the people of the locality are concerned.

So far as the relies are concerned, carved slabs of large size and architectural fragments of all kinds are found in plenty, often built into the walls of the houses; votive stupas of different sizes are seen in number on the edge of the large tank adjoining the village on the south, where they now serve as washerman's stones, as well as in other Places; and greatquantities of large bricks of ancient make are still being dug out of the great mound south of the village. There is a fine collection of Kurkihar bronze and Buddhist antiquities in the Patna Museum.

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