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Temples & Legends Of Kerala
Kulapati's Preface Author's Preface
Introduction The Temple Of Sri Padmanabha
A Temple Of Serpents The Goddess Who Has Periods
Aranmula Parthasarathi Ambalapuzha Krishna
Sabarimala The Fierce Lord Of Ettumanur
The Benign Lord Chottanikara
Kaladi A Temple For Kannaki
A Temple For Bharata Sri Rama Temple At Triprayar
The Vadakkunnathan Temple The Lord Of Guruvayur
A Temple For Rama And Lakshmana The Historic Tali Temple
Tiruvangad Peruma Rajarajeswara Of Taliparamba
Trichambaram Krishna Temple Other Temples
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




According to legend the Mannarsala grove is the property of a family whose ancestors are said to have been spared when Krishna and Arjuna burned the Khandava forest of the Punjab. Every male member of the family was called Vasuka, the name of the king of Patala, the great king of the Nagas. 

Family Deity

According to another version, the site of the Khandava forest was the land from Avur in the north to Alleppey in the South. When Arjuna set fire to the forest the serpents fled in confusion to Mannarsala and prayed to God for protection. Then the earth miraculously cooled down. After the serpents found refuge, an ancestress of the Nambiathy had a vision to dedicate the groves and the land to Nagaraja, and to build a temple thereon. These commands were promptly obeyed and thenceforward the Nagaraja became the family deity of Nambiathy.

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