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Temples & Legends Of Kerala
Kulapati's Preface Author's Preface
Introduction The Temple Of Sri Padmanabha
A Temple Of Serpents The Goddess Who Has Periods
Aranmula Parthasarathi Ambalapuzha Krishna
Sabarimala The Fierce Lord Of Ettumanur
The Benign Lord Chottanikara
Kaladi A Temple For Kannaki
A Temple For Bharata Sri Rama Temple At Triprayar
The Vadakkunnathan Temple The Lord Of Guruvayur
A Temple For Rama And Lakshmana The Historic Tali Temple
Tiruvangad Peruma Rajarajeswara Of Taliparamba
Trichambaram Krishna Temple Other Temples
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The local tradition has it that a member of the Mannarsala illam married a girl from the Vettikad illam where the serpents were hold in great veneration, The girl's parents, being Poor, had nothing to give by way of dowry except one stone idol of a serpent of which there were plenty in the house. The girl took ra the idol and worshipped it daily. Soon she be pregnant and gave birth to a male child and a snake The snake child grow up and gave rise to numerous progeny. These were all removed to a spot where present grove is.

According to an estimate there are some 4,000 stone idols or nagakals in the grove. They have every imaginable shape crowned- with one, five or seven cobra heads. Within the cloister are, however, human figures Nagaraja and Naga Lakshmi or Sarpayakshi. Those are not able to maintain sarpakavus in their house bring them here and install in the compound. The visitor will also often find live serpents in the grove but are not known to injure anyone.

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