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Temples & Legends of Kerala
Kulapati's Preface Author's Preface
Introduction The Temple Of Sri Padmanabha
A Temple Of Serpents The Goddess Who Has Periods
Aranmula Parthasarathi Ambalapuzha Krishna
Sabarimala The Fierce Lord Of Ettumanur
The Benign Lord Chottanikara
Kaladi A Temple For Kannaki
A Temple For Bharata Sri Rama Temple At Triprayar
The Vadakkunnathan Temple The Lord Of Guruvayur
A Temple For Rama And Lakshmana The Historic Tali Temple
Tiruvangad Peruma Rajarajeswara Of Taliparamba
Trichambaram Krishna Temple Other Temples
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The temples of Kerala, barring a few, form a class by themselves. They are to be distinguished not only for their unique architecture but for the rituals practiced in them which are sometimes different from the Agamas followed ii-i the rest of South India. They are, intimately connected with the life of the people and even the influence of Marxism has not been able to weaken their connection.

The rise of Brahminism, after a few centuries of Buddhism and Jainism, gave an impetus to the building of temples in this land. The vedic religion was infused with new life under Sankaracharya, the great Advaita philosopher, and later with the rise of the bhakti movement. In the process was created a rich heritage of unique temples which have attracted world attention for their wood carvings and architectural style resembling domestic dwellings.

Shri K. R. Vaidyanathan, retired Senior Commercial Officer, Central Railway, is well known to readers through his earlier works, Sri Krishna, The Lord of Guruvayur and Pilgrimage to Sabari. He has selected about 25 important temples of Kerala for detailed description in this book bringing out their origin, color ful legends, architecture, the elaborate rites, customs and festivals.

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