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That Lord Siva To Be Adored
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Introduction Sivaparatattva And Its Import
Linga Puja Types of Linga
Materials For Making Linga Sivaparthivopasana
Sivabanopasana Sivalingopasana
Sivasakaropasana Siva Pancha - 
Forms of Siva Modes of Siva Puja
Principal Names Of Siva Siva Mahima
Sivashta Murthis Kshitimurti
Chindambaram Tiruvannamalai
Tiruvanaikaval  Srikalahasti
Khatmandu The Suryamurti
Chandramurti Dwadasa Jyotrilingas
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Temples Of India
Lord Siva To Be Adored The Devalayas Of Karnataka
Palani Dhandhayudhapani The Kovils Of Kerala
The Temples of North-West India Temples For The Triple Sects
Mata Kanakadurga of Vijayawada The Legend Of Mata Kanyaka Parameswari
The Temples Of North-East India Mantralya Mahakshetra
The Aalayas of Andhra Pradesh The Mandirs Of Maharastra
Mighty Atoms For Tiny Tots Lord Siva Of Sri Kalahasthi
Bhagawan Vithoba Of Pandharpur Bizarre Beliefs And Odd Traditions
Asoka Priyadarsin The Mother Of Melmaruvathur And Her Miracles
Vishnu Mayam Jagat Sarvam Sakti Mayam
The Temples Of Tamilnadu Hindu Ethos In Capsules - Vol I

Hindu Ethos In Capsules - Vol II

Hullo Tirupathi !
Uthuthshta Govinda Cum Jo Jo Mukunda The Miracles Of Gods For The Debacles Of Humans
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No genuine repentance ever went unrewarded in this holy place, nor expression of pious desire remained unfulfilled. For, it is this holy place alone that grants Sakshatsiva Sayujya of the 105 Sivakshetras scattered all over the Jambudvipa; and it is this Srimaddhakshina Kailas that annihilates the agnana - pasupravirthi in man and lights up the vignanajyothi; it is in this Sivanandaika Nilayam, there lies the much-adored Vayulinga bearing the imprints of Wind-god, spider, elephant and serpent, who worshipped ardently and were liberated as wished for; it is this archamurthi that received adoration by Arjuna among the Pandavas; Appar, Sambandar, Manikavachakar Sundarar among the Nayanmars and it is here Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada installed a chakra; it is this presiding deity that blessed the adorers with fulfilment of desires, like power of creation to Brahma; the highest tapassakti to Agasthya, who changed the course of 'Swarnamukhi to flowing near the temple; the Siva Panchakshari to Parvathi that changed her into Gnanaprasunambika; liberation to a victim of paisacha, when the Lord uttered the Pranavamantra in her right ear; permanent cure from the Rajyakshma to the Moon-god Chandra; lusture to the Sun-god - Surya; restoration of kingship to Indra; Salokya prapti to Kannappa, the hunter and lastly Sayujyaprapti to the spider and elephant after whom the place is named Sri Kalahasti. This Mokshapuri was variously called in each yuga, like Brahmapura in the Kritayuga, Vishnupura in the Tretayuga; Naradapura in the Dwapara and Varaguna Pura in the Kahyuga. Another mysterious feature about the archamurti that deserves mention is - the linga too has been appearing in different hues in different times, like the golden, in the Krita yuga; silvery in the Treta yuga; metallic in the Dwapara yuga and granite in the Kali yuga


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About Srikalahasti
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