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Vedantic Tales
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The Discipleship of Hari: The Lion The Discipleship of Sri Nag: The Cobra
The Discipleship of Ajay: The Osprey The Blue Pellet
The Way Farer I Carry


Major Sections
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Vedantic Tales : The Discipleship
        of Ajay : The Osprey

Even as a fledgling, while his brothers and sisters were still flopping about in an ungainly and ludicrous fashion, Ajay was discovering the delights of soaring, of spreading his half grown wings as far out as he could and letting warm up drafts lift him round and round. He could not, of course. maintain the soaring position for long, nor could he tilt properly or rise to any considerable height; yet at his tender age his performance was so unusual that his parents watched with a kind of awe, knowing they had hatched a wonder child.

As Ajay grew and his wing muscles became strong, he flew off alone more and more often, loving the solitude of the sky, where he could think about the sky itself and its endless endlessness. He thought about Infinity and the thought made him restless to know what it could be. One day he rose higher and yet higher on a strong thermal. The trees below became like shrubs and then like grass and then like dots of dark. green. He seemed to himself to be on a level with the highest snow peaks, of which his parents had told him, and in that rarefied air his lungs felt as though they might burst. He knew his mother would be frantic if she guessed where he was, but in the exhilaration of flight in the crystal beauty of the empty sky, in the light filled silence and total solitude all that took place at a lower altitude was as nothing to him, without meaning. There was only himself and the shining sky. And then suddenly he slipped through a crack, and there was only an infinite, living Joy; he was a vast Being, an endless Bliss, without boundary,. How long he remained in that state there was no telling, but when he again became aware of being centred in his body he knew that he had touched the Infinite. He continued to soar for a while, suffused with bliss, as the sky is suffused with colour after the sun has set. Then he folded his wings and plummeted back to earth in a long free fall, expertly pulling out of it just in time to prevent his death. Fortunately, his parents had not guessed where he was and were not looking.


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The Discipleship of
Ajay : The Osprey
Ajay :
The Osprey
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