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New Evidence on the Indus Culture

The Indus civilization-the ancient urban culture of north India in the third millennium BC-has been interpreted as a Dravidian or non-Aryan culture. Though this has never been proved, it has been taken by many people to be a fact. 

However, new archeological evidence shows that the so called Indus culture was a Vedic culture, centered not on the Indus but on the banks of the Sarasvati river of Vedic fame (the culture should be renamed not the Indus but the "Sarasvati culture"), and that its language was also related to Sanskrit.

The ancient Sarasvati dried up around 1900 BC. Hence the Vedic texts that speak to eloquently of this river must predate this period.

The racial types found in the Indus civilization are now found to have been generally the same as those of north India today, and that there is no evidence of any significant intrusive populations into India in the Indus or post-Indus era. 

This new information tends to either dismiss the Aryan invasion theory or to place it back at such an early point in history (before 3000 BC or even 6000 BC), that it has little bearing on what we know as the culture of India.


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