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The people of North India also need not take this north/south division as something fundamental. It is not a racial difference that makes the skin of south Indians darker but merely the effect of climate. Any racial group living in the tropics for some centuries or millennia would eventually turn dark. 

And whatever color a person's skin may be has nothing to do with their true nature according to the Vedas that see the same Self or Atman in all. 

Nor is it necessary to turn various Vedic Gods into Dravidian Gods to give the Dravidians equality with the so called Aryans in terms of the numbers or antiquity of their Gods. This only gives credence to what is a superficial distinction in the first place. What is necessary is to assert what is truly Aryan in the culture of India, North or South, which is high on spiritual values in character and action. These occur not only in the Vedas but also the Agamas and other scriptures of the greater tradition. 

The Aryans and Dravidians are part of the same culture and we need not speak of them as separate. Dividing them and placing them at odds with each other serves the interests of neither but only damages their common culture (which is what those who propound these ideas are often seeking). It is time, therefore, to look beyond the Aryan-Dravidian difference, which is much smaller than believed, and look to the greater commonality of Hindu culture. 


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