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North and South Indian Religions

Scholars dominated by the Aryan-Dravidian radical idea have tried to make some Hindu Gods Dravidian (Non-Aryan) and other Hindu Gods Aryan (Vedic), even though there is no such division within Hinduism. 

This is based upon a superficial identification of deities with color, Krishna as black and therefore Dravidian, which we have already shown the incorrectness of (to think that sages or deities were named only after the color of their racial stock). 

In the Mahabharata, Krishna traces his lineage through the Vedic line of the Yadus, a famous Aryan people of the south and west of India, and there are instances as far back as the Rig Veda of seers whose name meant dark (like Krishna Angirasa or Shyava Atreya).

Early investigators thought they saw a Shaivite element in the so-called Dravidian Indus Valley civilization, with the existence of Shiva linga like sacred objects, and seals resembling Shiva. 

However further examination has also found large numbers of Vedic like fire-altars replete with all the traditional offers as found in the Hindus literature known as the Brahmanas, again refuting such simplistic divisions. 

The religion of the Indus (Sarasvati) culture appears to include many Vedic as well as Puranic elements (note also the article on the Unity of the Vedic and Shaivite Religions).


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