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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition Sanatana Dharma


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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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3. Outline of Sanatana Dharma

1. Knowledge (Veda-Vidya)

Higher Knowledge (Paravidya)

  • Knowledge of the Self (Atma Vidya)
  • Knowledge of the Absolute (Brahma Vidya)
  • Knowledge of God or the Creator (Ishvara-Vidya)

Lower Knowledge (Aparavidya)

Cosmic or World Knowledge (Prakriti Vidya)

  • The Gross World - Physical Sciences (Sthula Vidya)
  • The Subtle World - Occult Sciences (Sukshma Vidya)
  • The Causal World - Causal Sciences (Karana Vidya)

2. Practice (Yoga)

Higher Knowledge (Paravidya)

  • Four Yogas
  • Jnana - Knowledge
  • Bhakti - Devotion
  • Karma - Service 
  • Kriya - Yoga Techniques
  • Fourfold Kriya Yoga
  • Raja Yoga - Yoga of meditation
  • Mantra Yoga - Yoga of mantra
  • Laya Yoga - Yoga of the sound current
  • Hatha Yoga - Yoga of posture and breath
Lower Knowledge (Apara Vidya), which should be placed in service of the higher 
  • Ritual and Temple Worship (Vedic and Agamic)
  • History and Mythology (Itihasa-Purana)
  • Astrology, Astronomy, and Meteorology (Jyotisha)
    Mathematics and Physical Sciences (Ganita)
  • Medicine and Psychology (Ayurveda)
  • Language and Grammar (Sanskrit)
  • Literature, Poetry and Drama (Kavya)
  • Music and Dance (Gandharva Veda)
  • Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting (Sthapatya Veda)
    Social Sciences (Varnashrama Dharma)
  • Law, Politics, Diplomacy (Niti Vidya, Dharma Shastras)
    Ethics and Morality (Vinaya).


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