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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition Sanatana Dharma


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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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  • Lakshmi - Goddess of beauty, love and prosperity, consort of Vishnu
  • Mahabharata - great epic of the late Vedic age involving the story of Krishna and the Pandavas
  • Mahesh - name of Shiva
  • Manas - mind, particularly the outer or sense mind
  • Mantra - repetition of spiritual words or sounds
  • Moksha - liberation as the supreme goal of life
  • Paramatman - the Supreme or Absolute Self
  • Parvati - Goddess of meditation and transformation, consort of Shiva
  • Patanjali - sage who compiled the Yoga Sutras
  • Prakriti - nature, primal matter
    Pranayama - yogic breathing practices
  • Puja - Hindu rituals consisting of various offerings like flowers to the Divine in its various forms
  • Puranas - Hindu scriptures after the Vedic era
  • Purusha - the conscious being
  • Radha - consort of Lord Krishna
  • Rama - seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu
  • Ramayana - story of Rama and his wife Sita
  • Rig Veda - oldest Veda and repository of mantra
  • Sacchidananda - Being-Consciousness-Bliss
  • Sama Veda - Veda of sound and chanting
  • Samadhi - spiritual realization
  • Sanatana Dharma - the universal or eternal tradition of truth
  • Sankhya - Hindu system of philosophy founded by Kapila
  • Sarasvati - Goddess of Wisdom
  • Satya - Truth or reality
  • Shaiva - worshipping of the Divine in the form of Shiva
  • Shakta - worshipper of the Divine in the form of the Goddess
  • Shankaracharya - great Advaitic philosopher and sage of the early medieval period
  • Shanti - peace
  • Shiva - the Divine in its destructive or transformative function
  • Shudra - member of the labor class
  • Tantra - medieval Hindu texts of Goddess worship and yoga practice
  • Uma - Divine Mother, form of Parvati
  • Unaryan - a person lacking in spiritual and ethical values
  • Upanishads - last level of Vedic scriptures relating to Self-realization
  • Vaishnava - worshipper of the Divine in the form of Vishnu
  • Vaishya - member of the trading or farming classes
  • Vedas - the Hindu scriptures or source teachings
  • Vedanta - the science and philosophy of Self-realization
  • Vishnu - the Divine in its protective and preserving function
  • Yajur Veda - Veda of ritual 
  • Yoga - spiritual practices leading to Self-realization
  • Yoga Sutras - classical work on yogic spirituality

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