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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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Truth, after all, is that which is eternal and unchanging. It remains the same for all times and all people. Truth is not a fad or opinion of the moment, but the very law and ground of existence. Truth is not something that exists at one place only but can be found everywhere, if one knows how to look. Truth is the universal presence in which all creation exists. Such an Eternal Truth must maintain an ongoing presence in society for civilization to have any real meaning.

The quest for Universal Truth, and a tradition to sustain it, is not merely a spiritual quest, it is the essence of all human culture. In any field of knowledge we are seeking universal truth - an unfoldment of universal laws, which like gravity, are common to all human beings regardless of their background. Science formulates itself as an understanding of universal physical laws. Art portrays the creative forces of the universe.

All religions base themselves upon something universal. After all, religion addresses God or the Spiritual Reality behind the workings of the universe, which is not limited by time or space. The attempt to connect human beings with the Eternal is the very essence of true religion. Yet religions as they have been institutionalized generally remain bound to a particular savior, holy book, or church, which removes them from universality into partiality. They have functioned in the world not so much to create universality but to breed division, the conflict between the believers and the non-believers.


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