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Hinduism : The Eternal Tradition, Sanatana Dharma

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In this regard I see Hinduism as the religion of both the past and the future, as it shows the appropriate place for every spiritual practice within the greater science of Self-realization. I also see that the encounter of the West with Hinduism will eventually transform Western religious and spiritual systems into a form of Sanatana Dharma, or the universal view of Hinduism, that will become the world religion of the future, not by converting people but by incorporating all religion, arts and sciences into a higher view.  

For this book I would like to thank Dr.B.L.Vashta who first encouraged me in this direction and Avadhuta Shastri who brought me into his family and gave me his family name. Ram Swarup's studies of Hinduism have helped deepen my thought and he also kindly allowed me to use his Great Refuge in the appendix of the book. Swami Radhananda was helpful for his encouragement after going over the manuscript, and Swami Satyananda of the Ramanashram provided additional crucial encouragement on tackling these difficult issues. 

Many others helped in various ways, particularly my Hindu friends all over the world. Above all, I must acknowledge the great teachers of India from the ancient Vedic rishis to the great modern gurus and the great Deities who have worked through them. Let us reexamine humanity's oldest and most enduring spiritual tradition, which of the religions of the world can perhaps most rightfully can call itself "the Eternal Tradition," in order to help understand our own deeper and greater spiritual potential.  This eternal teaching begins and ends with the Self, the revelation of our True Being, which is pure consciousness, freedom, bliss and immortality.

May all beings come to recognize That Self!

May all cultures come to build their societies upon It!

David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)

Santa Fe, New Mexico Nov. 1994



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