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How I Became A Hindu - My Discovery Of Vedic Dharma


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10. What impact do you think the Pope's visit is going to have on socio-religious culture of India?

Hopefully it will make Hindus more savvy about what is going on in the world. Current missionary plans to convert India, both by Catholics and Protestants, are the greatest in history in terms of financial backing, media manipulation and manpower support. An entire new attack is being launched. China is also emerging as a new target. Religious tolerance is not a one way street. We cannot ask Hindus to honor Christianity when Christians, starting with the pope, don't honor Hinduism, however much they may talk of God, humanity or peace.

Why can't the pope say that Christianity is not the only way and that Hinduism by itself can be enough? That would be an expression of tolerance and open-mindedness. Why are Hindus who accept the validity of many paths called "hardliners" while a pope who refuses to do so is honored as a holy man? Is not pluralism a sign of tolerance and exclusivism the hallmark of intolerance?

Catholicism today is not a pluralistic tradition honoring different religious and spiritual paths as valid. It is an exclusivist tradition dominated by a leader who will not accept a Buddha, Krishna, Rama or Guru Nanak as a Son of God but only Jesus. Hopefully the pope's visit will get people to really think about these matters.


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