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From The River Of Heaven How I Became A Hindu
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Isha Upanishad 

This is the shortest but one of the most beautiful of the Upanishads in its entirety.  

All the universe exists as an expansion for the Spirit, whatsoever changing thing there is in this changing world. Experiencing life through that renunciation do not desire what any man has.  

Doing only sacrificial action here one may wish to live a hundred years. Only thus it is and not otherwise that karma does not cling to a man.  

Sunless are those worlds, enveloped in blinding darkness, where they go upon departing who are slayers of their own Self.  

One only, unmoving, swifter than the mind, the senses cannot reach him who moves front. Standing still he speeds beyond all things that run. In him the Lord of life sustains the waters of creation.  

That moves; that moves not. That is far; that is near. That is within all beings and That is outside all beings.  

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