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Rig Veda  

Mandala I, Sukta 1  


This hymn, which is used to open the collection of the hymns of the Rig Veda, is a typical chant to the fire of awareness and mindfulness which ever has been the foundation of meditation and the path of yoga.  

  1. I give energy to the Fire of Consciousness that is placed before all things, the Divinity of the sacrifice who acts in the season of truth, the invoker best to establish the ecstasy."
  2. The Fire adored by the ancient seers is adored again by the new. He brings the Gods into our presence."
  3. Through the Flame of Awareness on attains to a reality which increases in nourishment every day, a glory full of heroic power."
  4. Oh Fire, that sacred movement which you pervade from every side, that indeed enters into the Divine.
  5. The Fire, the invoker, the seer-will, the truth, the most revelatory knowledge, Divine he comes with all that is Divine.
  6. Oh Fire, whatever that is auspicious you create for the mortal who harmonizes himself to you, that is your Truth, oh perceiving ray.
  7. To you, oh Fire, day by day, by night and by dawn, bearing our surrender we come,
  8. The King of the sacred movement, the guardian of truth, increasing in his self-nature every day.
  9. So, as a father to his son, be of easy access to us, hold closely to us for our well-being.

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Rig Veda
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