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Chapter18 - People Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones!

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > What Every Hindu Ought To Know > Chapter18 - People Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones!


Most of these objectors rise from the ranks of either the begotted Christians or the more fanatical section of the Muslims. Without understanding the true spirit of their own religions for, no true religion ever exhorts its adherents to be cruel to others and much less the Eternal Religion, they resort to mudslinging. They seem to forget that the old adage People living in glass houses should not throw stones applies to them admirably!  Every religion has two forms : the higher and the lower. The former is meant for the few highly evolved souls who are really the salt of the earth. The latter is only a concession to the ignorance of the masses, who will thus be led gently from lower truths to higher truths. It is always easy for any intelligent crook to compare the higher form of his faith with the lower ones of others and get away with the conclusion that all religions except his are Paganism and hence false ! 

It is this crooked chauvinism that the Hindu abhors and never the higher forms of any religion or its truly great votaries. The heart of the true Hindu goes out to the Man on the cross, who exclaimed even at that hour, Father ! Forgive them ; for they know not what they do! The true Hindu is all admiration for the great Prophet of Arabia who literally transformed a barbaric People into a well knit moral society. But he can never tolerate the small minded fanatics who try to poohpooh every other faith.

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Chapter18 - People Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones!
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