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What Every Hindu Ought to Know

Hindu Books > Introduction And References > What Every Hindu Ought to Know

Chapter 1 - The Eternal Religion

The correct name of Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma, The Eternal Religion.

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Chapter 2 - The Propagators Of Hinduism

Unlike most world religions, Hinduism has no founder.

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Chapter 3 - The Basic Scriptures Of Hinduism

Hinduism is based primarily on the Vedas. Veda literally means knowledge or wisdom.

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Chapter 4 - The Philosophical Systems Of Hinduism

Ever Since the beginning of civilization, the innate curiosity of man has been urging him to delve into the mysteries of the universe.

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Chapter 5 - Ethical And Moral Principles in Hinduism

To love thy neighbor as thyself is supposed to be the golden rule. But to the Hindu who believes in the oneness of creation, there is nothing extraordinary in this.

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Chapter 6 - The Individual And The Society In Hinduism

According to Hinduism, spiritual freedom or Moksha is the ultimate goal of life.

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Chapter 7 - Women In Hindu Society

No bird can ever fly on only one of its wings.

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Chapter 8 - Hindu Sadhanas

Spiritual disciplines are called Sadhanas. They are paths to perfection, roads to realisation of the truth.

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Chapter 9 - Place Of Rituals, Temples And Festivals In Hinduism

Philosophy without religion becomes meaningless. Religion without rituals becomes insipid.

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Chapter 10 - A Few Rituals And Sacraments Of Hinduism

It will not be out of place here to dilate a little upon a few of the more important rituals and sacraments that have embellished Hinduism since ages.

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Chapter 11 - Reform Movements in Hinduism

Hinduism is like the centre-of-gravity doll which regains its equilibrium howsoever it be disturbed.

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Chapter 12.- Vishva Hindu Parishad

Since this latest attempt at bringing together and organizing the Hindus from all over the world augurs well for the future of Hinduism it is worthwhile devoting some attention to it.

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Chapter 13 - Special Contribution of Hinduism to World Thought

Hinduism has made a very significant contribution to world thought in propounding the three doctrines of Karma and Rebirth, Adhikara Bheda and Avatara Vada.

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Chapter 14 - Hinduism - The Religion Universal

Any religion to be universally acceptable, must appeal both to the head and to the heart of the maximum number of people.

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Chapter 15 - Ubiquitous Hindu Culture

It is this very universality of Hinduism that carried it far and wide into the world beyond the borders of Bharat.

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Chapter 16 - Hindus Outside India

This takes us to the next topic, that of the Hindus living outside their Motherland.

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Chapter 17 - Criticisms Galore

In spite of its most sublime theories, universal doctrines and an unlimited capacity for tolerance and adjustment, no religion on earth has perhaps been....

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Chapter 18 - People living in Glass Houses Should not Throw Stones

Most of these objectors rise from the ranks of either the begotted Christians or the more fanatical section of the Muslims.

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Chapter 19 - External Dangers Facing the Hindu Society

Though the Hindu religion has soared to Himalayan heights, the present day Hindu society needs a lot of invigorating treatment.

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Chapter 20 - The Menace of Materialism

At this juncture it is necessary to pinpoint the menace of materialism also.

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Chapter 21 - Secular State Or Insecure State ?

Secularism is the chief weakness of our age. It might have given us some means but it has certainly denied us the ends.

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Chapter 22 - The Internal Dangers

Now let us turn our attention inwards and find out what exactly ails our society from within.

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Chapter 23 - Some Problems and Possible Solutions

Every nation, every society, has its own problems. We too have ours. Let us consider a few of the more important ones and discuss the possible solutions.

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Chapter 24 - What Every Hindu Ought to Do

After thus touching upon the glories, the maladies and the remedies of our religion and society let us now dilate a little upon what every Hindu ought to do, with himself, his family and the society.

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Chapter 25 - Conclusion

Though religions are many, the Religion is only one. It is the Religion of Man. Man is essentially divine and not a sinner.

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Published on: 2003-02-06 (5122 reads)

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