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Question 12. Are non Hindus permitted into Hindu temples? 

Of late, non Hindus also are being permitted to enter many Hindu temples. In some temples, however, admission is restricted to certain parts of the temple only. Even if their entry is completely prohibited it will not be unjustified.

The reason is simple: If the non Hindus visit our temples with the same faith they show while visiting the places of worship of their own religions, feeling that these temples are also holy, there should be no objection to their being admitted.

However, if they come without being endowed with such faith, just out of curiosity or for fun, or even to find fault, then, they would not be benefited in the least by such visits. On the other hand, it could hurt the religious feelings and sentiments of the Hindus visiting the temples. Frankly speaking, let us learn first to admit all sections of Hindus, without any distinction, into temples and see that such visits take place in a more organized and solemn way.

We can consider the admission of others later on. This is certainly not a matter of great concern for the present. 

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