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Question 19. Is Moksha the only goal of life? Has Hinduism relegated other goals concerned with life in this world? 

No; this is in fact one of the misconceptions about Hindu values of life. The Hindu scriptures prescribe Dharma (righteousness),
Artha (wealth), Kama (physical pleasures) and moksa (liberation) as the four goals to be striven for in life, by. every person. These have been termed Purusharthas. In the first stage of life (childhood and early youth) one should acquire Dharma as also knowledge of secular sciences through education and discipline under competent teachers who teach the essence of the scriptures.

After being well established in Dharma, one can take to the married state. In the second stage (youth), wherein one is permitted to enjoy Artha and Kama within the limits prescribed by Dharma, variegated experiences in life will gradually induce vairagya or a spirit of renunciation in the mind . Then in the final stage (middle age and old age) one should strive for attaining Moksha. 

From this delineation of the Hindu values of life, one thing becomes very clear: Hinduism has not at all neglected life in this world, life here and now. It has gone farther than this by giving us Ayurveda (the science of health and longevity) since the maintenance of our bodies is of primary importance in attaining these goals of life. 

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