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Question 6. Belief in God is common to almost all the religions of the world. What Is the nature of God according to Hinduism? 

God is one only, one without a second. His nature is
Sachitananda i.e., eternal Existence Consciousness Bliss. He is the creator of this universe. He creates it by His power out of Himself, sustains it and then withdraws it into Himself, once its purpose is over. This process goes on for ever, in a cyclic order. 

Once this universe is brought into being, it is He who rules it like an emperor meting out rewards and  punishments to the living beings in accordance with their merit and demerit. He is all knowing, all powerful, all pervading, as also the indwelling controller of all beings. He is the repository of truth, knowledge and beauty; in fact, the perfect embodiment of all the great virtues that one can ever imagine.

But compassion towards the bound and suffering souls is His cardinal virtue. In fact the very creation of this world is for the uplift of these fallen beings, so that they can gradually be raised to the spiritual plane, ultimately reaching perfection. He is fond of faith and devotion. It is easy to propitiate Him through self surrender. If He is pleased, our life will become blessed.  He is both with form and without form. Not only that, He can incarnate Himself in this world to raise us from the brute level to divine heights. 

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