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Temples & Legends Of Tamilnadu
Preface Author
Introduction Kanyakumari
Gandhi Mandapam Maruda Malai
Suchindram Nagercoil
Tiruchendur Alwar Tirunagari
Srivaikuntam Nanguneri
Krishnapuram Tirunelveli
Papanasam Sankaranayinar Koil
Srivilliputhur Tirupparan- kunram
Madhurai Rameswaram
Darbhasayanam Tiruvadanai
Avadayar Koil Kaliyar Koil
Azhagar Koil


Tiruchirapalli Tiruvanaikkaval
Srirangam Tanjore
Punnainallur Tiruvalanchuzhi
Swamimalai Dharasuram
Saktimuttam Patteswaram
Mannargudi Vedaranyam
Tirunallar Karaikal
Tirukkadaiyur Mayavaram
Vaitheeswaran Koil Pullavane- swaram
Chayavanam Tiruvengadu
Shiyali Chidambaram
Tiruppatiripuliyur Tiruvannamalai
Kiratamar- jareswaram Madurantakam
Cheyyur Kancheepuram
Tirukkazhuk- kunram Mahabalipuram
Tirupporur Tiruvadantai
Tiruvanmiyur Mylapore
Triplicane Vadapalani
Tiruvottiyur Tirumullaivayil
Tiruvallur Tiruttani
Uppilliappan Koil Kumbakonam
Glossary Biblography
Major Sections
Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




Gopurams or towers begin with door posts
of 60 feet height cut out of single stone. Over that in tapering layers are carved rows of gods and  goddesses, animals of various kinds and mythical figures showing different stories of the past Depiction of different figures on the towers, though not very artistic, is realistic in nature, showing the different mythological incidents from a
distance to those who were not allowed to go inside temple in olden days.

Killikattu Mandapa is the place where parrots are kept in cages. The parrot is a sacred bird and is often shown in company with other God’s and goddesses. Particularly, Goddesses are always seen with a parrot in their left hand. Obviously it means presence of peace and happiness. The right hand is shown in the form of Abhaya Mudra. The Mandapa is supported by pillars cut from a single block of granite and have a them protruding corbels, which greatly enhance their beauty. The pillars are excellently carved into Yalis (roaring lions), and into statues of five Pandava brothers. It has been remarked that "both in point of stability and in point of architecture and realistic richness of detail, pillars as a whole are unsurpassed" (Shenoy's Temple City Madurai).

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