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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Triprayar - Sri Rama Ambalam

The uniqueness and holiness of Triprayar Rama temple arises from the very august balikal along with the archamurti found and enshrined by Vakkaimal - a local chieftain of inimitable dedication. According to the legend, the devout Kaimal was informed by certain mysterious persons that there lay washed ashore four sacrosanct idols of Sri Mahavishnu and he must undertake the responsibility of installing them at four holy places, befitting their stature, lusture, gesture etc. with Vedic injunctions. All was in a dream. Waking up at once, he went to sea-shore with his men and found to his inexplicable delight, four beautifully sculptured replicas of Sri Mahavishnu adorned with four hands, but with different facial expressions. Being a devotee of rare type, he made immediate consultations with the panditsof agamas and installed one at Irinjalkunda in a temple built, nanung the deity as Bharata, befitting the facial expression peculiar to that statue. 'flier his search for other suitable places ended with selection of Tripruyar for Sri Rama, Moozhikulam for Iakshmana and Payemmal for Satrughna. His cup of joy spilled at those four places and they later became famous temples of eternal religious importance.

The installation of Rama's image at Triprayar has an awe- some background and it heightens the glory of the Lord to unprecedented level, and endowed the idol and temple with heavenly sanctity. During his consultation with the learned agama pandits for the installation of Rama's statue, a mystery surfaced all on a sudden-an audible but invisible voice directed Kaimal and the men in the assembly deliberating over the place, that they had to install it at the exact spot below a peacock seen flying just at the auspicious moment fixed. Considering the injunction as heaven-sent, preparations for pratishta went on war-footing, and they all assembled on the Subhaghatika looking up for the peacock to appear. But it did not appear. As the sands were running out, the anxiety of the people went up skywards, but the sky with its changing patterns, perhaps, did not offer any solution. Just then there appeared a devotee holding a bunch of peacock feathers in his hands. Deeming it an auspicious time, the concerned persons hastened to complete the pratishta ritual at the moment fixed. The work began. A few seconds later, fortunately at the propitious time, according to right calculations, the bird did appear just right above the present balikal. The pundits installed the balikal and it gained much importance as the icon. Is it not appropriate then that the balikal must receive all the ceremonies and prayers? Hence the balikal gained as much importance as the icon and is being worshipped with equal fervor by the visiting public. And what is more, the balikal fixed thus started revolving round of its own accord. So deemed exceedingly holy and attributing it io divine power, people worshipped it with awe and admiration till Naranthu Bhaiathan's visit to the temple. Being a Siddha of great mystic powers, surprised at this rare phenomenon, he found out from the yogic powers the reason for such rotation. If allowed, he inferred, it would undo the glory and mar further growth. So, he stopped it forthwith. In order to prevent the decline in the power of the idol due to this,he installed two goddesses - Sridevi and Bhudevi on each side of the presiding deity. Naturally, the influx of visitors grew as its fame spread far and wide due to addition of two goddessess on either side of the mulavirat. 

The Temple

This famous temple, thus come into existence is one of the most attractive temples of Kerala. Its architectural marvels and mystical powers have succeeded in attracting devotees throughout the year. The Srikoil is circular in shape and with its indispensable conical roof adorning with stupi, it casts great charm on the visitors. In the mandapa called Namaskara mandapa, the artistry of sculptors strikes the eye and drives home several murals through the episodes efficiently sculptured. It has 24 panels. The mural paintings too are a class in themselves. The sculptured figures with their grace and excellences serve a feast to the art-critics. Leaving the garbhagriha after prayers, the devotees go straight to the Sasta shrine lying in the southern side of the courtyard. There is a belief current here that this temple was dedicated to Ayyappa prior to the consecration of Sri Rama's idol. As his seat was given to Sri Rama, he moved to the present southern place, just as Edathedathu Kavu Bhagawati moved to the northern side at Guruvayur temple after the advent of Guruvayurappan. 

The Mulavirat And His Speciality

Sri Rama, the presiding deity of the shrine, is a replica of the Chaturbhuja Mahavishnu with sankhu and chakra in his upper two hands and kodanda and rosary in the other hands. The garbhagriha has certain oddities that set it apart from the rest of shrines for Sri Rama. 'There is an image of Dhakshinamurti facing the south, a common feature in Siva temples alone. Moreover, the oil lamp hung behind is kept burning round the clock, signifying that the Mulavirat is bearing the aspect of Lord Siva also. According to the opinion prevalent, Sri Rama got the aspect of Lord Siva at the death of Khara in the war. The Mala which is held in the right hand fortifies another belief that the archamurti represents the aspect of Brahma. From the symbols it can be deduced that the deity is possessing all the aspects of Trimurti - Brahma, Vishnu. and Siva. This uniqueness indeed has become instrumental in drawing Saiva and Vaishnava bhaktas in large numbers. There is a mini-shrine for Ganapathi opposite the garbhagriha. As the image is just opposite the Mulavirat like the amount of the Lord, devotees while praying remember Hanuman, though there is no visible idol for him. The offering of Kandis is very common here, and it commemorates the return of Hanuman after finding out Mother Sita in Ashoka Vana in Lanka. As the image of the mulvirat was installed Borne centuries back, it is worn off considerably, so panchaloha Kavacha is made and it adorns the Lord now. The image adorned with Srivasta mark on the chest, beautified by several dazzling necklaces around the neck along with colourful garlands look extremely enchanting, and its smiling sublime countenance mesmerizes the devotees. If once a visit is made to avail that enchanting damn, its rapturous thrill exercises such grip, that it never reaches the point of satiety. That is the glory of Sri Rama - the Trimunhyatmaka swarupa, a rarity not found anywhere.

This Lord has a particular fascination for the Kootu Vazhipad offering of pantomime. In the bygone past, Prabandha Koottu was a regular common offering, and every visitor deeming it a proud privilege was offering it to the deity. The deity seeing it unseen enjoyed to his heart's content.

It lies 20 km off Guruvayur in Kerala, accessible by four wheelers from Guruvayur.


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