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Vishnu Mayam Jagat
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Tiruvilwamala - Sri Ramalakshmana

The temple at Tiruvilwamala is a standing monument of the highest spiritual evolution, that Kerala has achieved. And building, one behind the other is their another innovative trait deserving emulation and instant implementation, and to be sure, it pleased the deities worshipped here too; for, no one is freed from egotism, however much altruism overflows their hearts. This sacred hill temple has many more plus points that set it apart from others; for, it lies atop a hill, commanding colourful picturesque landscape around, heightened by spectacles of famous river Bharatapuzha flowing majestically at close quarters, and abundant growth of gorgeous tall trees at a distance. Besides this immense wealth of Nature, the temple's spiritual wealth bids instant devotion; for, it is enshrining a five-foot high magnificent Hanuman image to the south of eastern gateway in the role of kshetrapalaka, safeguarding the spiritual wealth and growth of the temple; it is here Amalakan, the son of Kasyapa Prajapati turned the mischievous danavas into rocks and succeeded in making Mahavishnu present eternally; it is here the celestial architect Viswakarma built a cave called Punar janani for freeing mankind from the vicious circle of births and deaths; it is here Panchapandavas worshipped the brothers for attaining Sadgati; it is this temple deemed once as the richest among Kerala temples with one lakh paias of paddy as income from lands; it is to this deity several princes vied with one another in performing sevas with offerings; it is here Mahavishnu taking the man-lion form - Narasimha killed an asura for polluting the precincts with bones of animals he had eaten; it is here Bilvamangalaswamy appeased the Lord's anger with stotras; it is in this temple Parasuram installed the image of Mahavishnu, granted to him by lord Siva and liberated his parents together with appointing tantris as personnel for management of the temple, besides dwelling here for some time; it is this temple that was spared from attack by Tippu due to its location in his friend's territory.

These holy twin shrines built atop the legendary Vilwadri can be accessible by road on the western side. They have certain odd features that set them apart from similar Vaishnava temples. The temple has no flag staff to begin with, a rarity, but its contains an unusually huge pipal tree grown majestically amidst rocks and is visible for miles and beckons the devotees coming from afar. A substitute for the Dwajasthambha, perhaps. Moreover there is no temple well, and has only a few mini-shrines inside the complex. At the eastern entrance, there is a grand shrine dedicated to Hanuman. It has a five-foot tall imposing image wringing adoration by its size and pious anjali pose.
Visitors offering prayers here first proceed to the two Sri Koils. These two are quadrangle in shape and built of rubble base. They: are two-storied shrines, the lower part, a truncated pyramidal shape and the upper adorned with gabled roofs and shining Kalasas over the copper plated roofs. The Sri koils are prtoto type in construction but have a single Pradakshinamarga - circumambulatory path. Even in the archamurtis, singularities are striking in their posture, pose, form, etc., except the size - Sri Rama's image is slightly bigger than Iakshmana's. As the lakshmana's image came into existence under extraordinary conditions by the unstinted devotion of a spiritual luminary 13hargava Rama, and the other Sri Rama's being Swayambhu in addition to receiving Mahavishnu's tejas at the instance of Amalaka Maharshi, they are worshipped with unprecedented devotion. Moreover, this Tiruvilwamala shrine is deemed as the best and holiest among the three more dedicated to Sri Rama, others being Triprayar and Tiruvangad for Sri Rama, and the only one for Lakshmana at Venmamala near Kottayam. There are two more mini-shrines built for Ganapathi to the south. Down below this shrine there is a flight of stone steps leading the Hariharaputra shrine who is installed on a charming Vedika flanked by Siva and Parvathi. Except these, there is nothing that detains the visitors long.

It lies near Palghat in Kerala, accessible by bus and train.


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