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Pittsburg - Sri Venkateswara Shrine

Among the most potent Indian spiritual seeds that sprouted in alien lands and nourished to grow into gigantic trees by the ardent theist migrants, whose sight with fragrant flowers and colourful ripe fruits affording an exhilarating blissful experience, the Balaji temple at Pittsburg occupies a place indisputably high and indescribably sublime. It is the outcome of a stupendous joint venture undertaken both .by native Americans and migrated Indians. And it is the second that the Hindu Temple Society of North America, under the able and effective guidance of Dr. C.V. Narasimhan, Under Secretary General, UNO built with hearty cooperation of many Indianised Americans. It came into existence in 1477 and is built in a picturesque spot, over the Penn Hills, a little far off the east of Pittsburg, the world-renowned industrial town of America resonant with din and bustle emerging from a wide variety of industries, but lo! the intensity of heat and sound of those factories working round the clock is hushed into silence by the crescendo of chorus of devotional music and the soft mellowed divine light rising from the Balaji I3hagawan's temple. That is its glory and there lies its divinity.

Hailed as a priceless asset to theist community by every visitor, irrespective of race, region and religion, it is lifting the visitors of every brand - gay tourists or devout theists. And proved to be a sure refuge, safe haven and finally, a holy centre of pilgrimage for the migrant pious men, whose thirst for the divya darsan of Balaji, the much revered prototype icon of the Lord of seven Hills defies description. According to temple records, 500residents with a sum of sixty lakhs and liberal donations from Indian migrants materialized this imposing shine aided and abetted by munificent funds and timely guidance from TTD., Tirupathi.

It is a typical specimen of the seventh century architecture, enshrining certain modern styles to suit the present day devotees. American technology too is given its due weight. It contains several niches for the accommodation of many worshipful deities, like Andal, lakshmi, Siamswathi. I'arvathi, Ganesh, Krishna, Nataeaj, Dasavataeas, Ashtadikpalakas etc. For this, white marble is profusely used, and it is reflecting modernity and heightening the beauty of divinity. The towers and vimana, garbha griha, mandapas resemble the Bhadrachalam temple pattern and their eyeful sight awakens bhakti instincts at first sight itself.

Of the special features deserving particular mention in this shrine area-the priests well-versed in Vedic lore are drawn from India and they are conducting prayer services and nityanaimithika rituals on good old traditional style, but modernity breaks through them due to location in alien land. There is novelty in the performance of the Suprabhatam ritual - the priest leads the congregated bhaktas who with the help of books supplied join and raise the sanctity and unusual charm. It is to be experienced than clothed in language; for, the Indianised Americans ip their characteristic pronunciation add colour and sound. The archamurti being an exact replica of Srivaru of Tirumala sends inexplicable thrills into the viewers on coming into his magnetic aura, and deludes them into thinking that they are physically standing in front of that magnetic six foot high icon of Sri Venkateswara of Seven Hills, adorned with sparkling jewels and fragrant garlands, holding disc and conch in his upper arms with placing his lower left hand on the knee to signifying the knee depth of the samsarasagara if trusted, and the lower right hand in varada hasta pose. assuring all protection full to any ardent devotee, if he makes an unconditional total surrender to His. will supreme. Avail the darsan; offer soulful prayers, practice prapathi principle and get emancipated.

This holiest shrine lies a little further off east of Pittsburg city of North America, accessible by four wheelers at all hours.


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