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Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Life
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The First Step The Vedantic Postulate
Maya Karma
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Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Living


HINDUISM is a modern word. Vedanta is the best among the numerous names given to the religious faith of the Hindus. He who professes and practises Vedanta is a Vedantin. This name has not so far been solely appropriated by any single Hindu denomination.

If regulated cooperative economy must replace individual competition, it calls for some spiritual and cultural basis and the ethic and culture rooted in Vedanta can undoubtedly fulfil this purpose. Every one now realizes that the scheme of life which held the field till recently and which gave what was called prosperity in the nineteenth century is now out of date.

The prosperity resulting from the economy of private competition necessarily carried with it in equality of distribution. Indeed, the prosperity was based on this very inequality. Some people either in the same country or elsewhere had to live in varying degrees of squalor in order to build up and support that prosperity.

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