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Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Life
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Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Living


TRUTH IS ONE and indivisible and the seat of harmony or unity of thought is the human mind on which all external impulses
impinge. It is impossible for the mind to accept a truth for some purposes and reject it for others. We cannot be doing wisely in entertaining contrary disciplines of mind. The discipline of physical science has come to stay. Indeed, it is by far the most dominant discipline of modern times.

Material objects and forces offer them- selves for the closest examination and the greatest variety of experiment. It is not therefore surprising that the advance of knowledge in that field is more rapid and substantial than in morals or philosophy. The forms of thought and reasoning imposed in the discipline of physical science must be accepted and taken as models in shaping other disciplines. It is no good running counter to them.

Acceptance of the scientific method is not a defeat for religion, but is acceptance of the sovereignty of truth, which is only an aspect of religion. It is a correct view of religion that it can never be out of harmony with science. But it is too well known how often the propositions of religions are contrary to the accepted axioms of the scientific world. 

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