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Bhagwad Gita
Index  Chapter:1 - Arjuna's Dilemma

Chapter:2 - Transcen- dental Knowledge

Chapter:3 - Path Of Karma - Yoga

Chapter:4 - Renunciation with Knowledge

Chapter:5 - Path Of Renunciation

Chapter:6 - Path Of Meditation

Chapter:7 - Self - Knowledge And Self - Realization

Chapter:8 - Imperishable Brahman

Chapter:9 - Supreme Knowledge

Chapter:10 - Manifestation Of The Absolute

Chapter:11 - Vision Of The Cosmic Form

Chapter:12 - Path Of Devotion

Chapter:13 - Creation And Creator

Chapter:14 - Three Gunas Of Nature

Chapter:15 - Supreme Spirit

Chapter:16 - Devine And Demonic Qualities

Major Sections
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Arjuna said: If You consider that transcendental knowledge is better than work then why do You want me to engage in this horrible war, O Krishna? (3.01) 

You seem to confuse my mind by apparently conflicting words. Tell me, decisively, one thing by which I may attain the Supreme. (3.02)

The Supreme Lord said: In this world, O Arjuna, a twofold path of Sadhana (or the spiritual practice)  has been stated by Me in the past. The path of Self-knowledge (or Jnana-yoga) for the contemplative, and the path of unselfish work (or Karma-yoga) for the active. (3.03)

Jnana-yoga is also called Saamkhya-yoga, Samnyasa-yoga, and yoga of knowledge. A Jnana-yogi does not consider oneself the doer of any action, but only an instrument in the hands of  divine for His use. The word Jnana means metaphysical or transcendental knowledge. One does not attain freedom from the bondage of Karma by merely  abstaining from work. No one attains perfection by merely giving up work. (3.04) 

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About Path Of Karma-Yoga

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