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Question 40. And lastly What should be the attitude of a Hindu towards other religions? 

An ideal Hindu believes that different religions are like the different radii of a circle, each leading to the self same centre, the centre being God experience. Sri
Ramakrishna stretches it still further in his unique saying, Jato mat, tato path' (As many people, so many paths') thus indicating that ultimately every human being has his own religion, religion here being understood as the road to the realization of God. 

Even then, a Hindu also believes that his path is best suited to him just as the other religions are best suited to the votaries of those religions. Yours for you and mine for me is his attitude. If everyone understands his religion properly and practises it sincerely, the kingdom of God will be established here and now. So he prays for the early dawn of such a day in the history of mankind.

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