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Temples & Legends Of Maharastra
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One day while Anubhuti was sitting before her ashram, engrossed in yogic concen- tration, there arrived one King Kukoor. This Kukoor was a powerful ruler of thedanavas and had encamped near the Meru moun- tains while on one of his hunting expedi- tions. In the morning he got on his charger and soon sighted a deer, gave chase and while running after it his eves fell on the lady. Rather curious to find a lady sitting all alone in thick of the forests he approa- ched her to enquire.But as he came nearer his intention changed. This Anubhuti was an extremely fair looking woman and her charmsattracted the demon Kukoor went to her and addressed her. He wanted to know who she was and what businesssuch a beautiful lady had to isolate herself from the world? He assured her that whatever be the object of tier tapa, it could be realised through a path much easier than the one she was following. She should marry him and that would solve all her problems ! But his pleadings fell on deaf ears-the lady bad transcended herself above the sensations of the external organs and was trying to concentrate on a yogic samadhi. So she never knew what was happening around her. Her silence provoked the king into shouting at her. The woman showed some faint response to this but increased her concentration and the daitya's efforts were of no avail. His patience was then exhausted and he tried to embrace her and to lift her with the intention ofabducting her by force. Now of course her samadhi was disrupted and she came to her senses.She wasinfuriated and asked the king as to who he was and what he meant by touching her ? He repeated his earlier offer and promised to make her his 'patta-rani', the chief queen ,insupersession of the thousand and odd he already had ! This provoked a tirade of harsh denuncia- tions from the sanyasini. But she under- stood well that she was precariously near a grave danger.Anubhuti, in this moment of distress, prayed the goddess to come to her rescue. The devi-Tvarita-appeared before her within no time and enquired of the cause of Anubhuti's worry. She told the devi of the king's evil intentions and requested her to punish the daitya and relieve her of her worries. The devi accepted the task most willingly and immediately called out her force led by the Yoginis, Chamunda, Ganas,Kanka-Bhairav, Kshetrapalas and so on. Kukoor was at first taken aback by the turn of events. He never expected that by touching a helpless woman he would kindle a fire that would ultimately consume him. But now it was there He had done something the consequences of which he could not escape. Secondly he was not at all averse to fighting and bloodshed. He was a skillful fighter, his army was well- seasoned and was always victorious. He had full confidence in his ability. And as events proved this confidence was not quite ill placed. The devi started the struggle with a shower of arrows on the king. But the King instead of attacking the devi first, turned his attention to her army. Several yoginis and ganas were hurt and laid unconscious on the battle field as a result of the handi work of the king. Then he marched forth to meet the goddess. She sent forth five sharp arrows to greet him. The danava then decided to use his supernatural powers, the maya; and he assumed the form of a horse and started trampling under his hoofs the ganas of the goddess, Then he charged into the army in the form of a be-buffalow, soonchanged himself into a lion, then again into a human being. The goddess tolerated thisnuisance for some time but when the king hit her with a shakti her patience came to an end. She caught hold of his hair and beheaded him with her sword. Yet another headarose from the body, the devi cut that off again and then ultimately the giant fell dead on the ground. The ganas and pishachchas celebrated the triumph by feasting on the dead army of the king.

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