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One wonders if their present situation in Pakistan on the one hand and India on the other has occasioned some rethinking on their part. For all we know, these persecuted sects may repeat the story of Syrian Christians who has found refuge in India from persecution at the hands of their co-religionists but who rallied round the Portuguese persecutors of Hindus after having enjoyed Hindu hospitality for several centuries. Hindus have to address themselves to this curious phenomenon of the persecuted sects retaining the persecution mentality inculcated by a parental closed creed.

Hindus meanwhile should recognize by such events the dangers that exist to members of their religion in Islamic countries, which have no qualms about suppressing religious minorities. If Hindus don't learn to speak out against such oppression, it is going to continue without question and, therefore, without change, because clearly the global media does not care very much either.

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About Religious Persecution In Pakistan
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