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Ahmadiyas are accused by orthodox Muslims as being unorthodox for regarding their founder as a prophet on par with Mohammed, which is considered heresy for orthodox Muslims who, though they recognize a variety of prophets to have existed before Mohammed, regard Mohammed as the last prophet and do not accept that any more prophets can come after him. Ahmadiyas deny this attribution, also honor Mohammed and Koran, and follow the Sharia or traditional Islamic law. But Ahmadiyas do recognize their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (1835-1908),as the Messiah whom all Muslims are looking for (who therefore cannot be regarded as prophet to compete with Mohammed).

The destruction of the Ahmadiya mosque reveals the fact of religious oppression in Pakistan. While the oppression of non-Muslilms, particularly Hindus and Christians, is a normal principle in Islam-especially the destruction of Hindu temples in Pakistan-this event shows that even unorthodox  Muslims are not tolerated.

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About Religious Persecution In Pakistan
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