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The goal of Pakistan appears to be  to gradually eliminate all religious groups but orthodox Sunni Muslims. Dissent is not allowed within Islam, much less outside of it. This event has several important ramifications. First of all it shows that there is no real religious freedom even for its own kind in Pakistan, which now resembles a fundamentalist state wherein only one form of Islam is accepted. The mullahs appear on the verge of taking power as in Iran.

Pakistan's appearance as being a democratic state is shown to have no real validity.  Second it shows that the international community is not very concerned about religious oppression in Pakistan or other Islamic countries. We are reminded of Saudi Arabia in which no religions are allowed except the Saudi version of Islam and yet no Western country complains or threatens sanctions against Saudi Arabia to improve it s dismal human rights record. In fact the Saudis have sided with Pakistan against the Ahmadiyas and will not allow them into their country either.

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About Religious Persecution In Pakistan
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