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The reason is that most Islamic countries are enforcing a Sunni type orthodoxy upon the population,  with the exception of Iran, which is imposing a Shia orthodoxy on its population, and trying to eliminate all other Islamic groups. Hence Islamic groups like the Ahmadiyas have taken refuge in India where there is greater religious freedom. The same is true of the Bahais, a Shia sect, who originated in Iran, an Islamic country. If India did not exist as a place of refuge, these Islamic sects might be in danger of extermination.

It has to be found out if the fact of their being persecuted in Islamic countries and finding safety in a Hindu majority country has made any difference to their view of Hindus and Hinduism. The Ahmadiyas for instance are known to have been zealous missionaries of Islam for converting Hindus, and in the forefront of the demand for Pakistan.

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About Religious Persecution In Pakistan
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