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Awaken Bharata

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The New Intellectual Colonialism

The intellectual colonialism has also taken a new turn. Western academia, up to World War II, commonly defended colonialism, denigrated traditional cultures, and rewrote history in a European image, praising the West as the true force of civilization. The exploitation, genocide and slavery promoted by colonialism were largely ignored. The exception to this was Leftist intellectuals who criticized colonialism but not in favor of traditional cultures but in favor of Marxism, which masked only another form of colonialism as we have already observed.

Today the same academic establishment not only claims to have given up the colonial mindset, but also pretends to offer the alternative to it. Western academia now tries to represent a new global view that honors all people, which it projects through its new practice of multiculturalism. It speaks of a universal culture of human rights, promoting a new world order of democracy, economic opportunity, and class equality that helps everyone and all nations. It wants to make available the advances of science and technology for the benefit of all nations, giving each individual the pleasures and conveniences of modern civilization.

While these ideas at first glance appear broad minded and compassionate and may have some benefits, if we look deeply we see that they still hide the same old patronizing way of thought that promotes Western civilization over all others. The dominant image is not traditional people happily following or advancing their own older cultures, but solving their problems by imitating Western economic, political and intellectual practices.

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About The New Masks Of Colonialism
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